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Boglárka Debreceni indulges - as any brutally honest tourist  - in the chaotic cosmopolitan area of the infamous Eastern Europe and/or The Balkan. Warsaw, Bratislava, Belgrade, Bucharest, Sofia, Skopje, Tirana, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Moscow, Berlin, Prague (and Budapest). Like a transit passenger, in a good sense, she smells, feels, accounts and reflects constantly, until she consumes her chosen citiez. She is not writing a guide book by any means, but we don’t need better guide book than this! - by Árpád Kollár

Broadening roads of timelessness, matrjoska outlets, legends swapped for pennies, everyday kitsch, no-name settlements. Redeemed Capitalists, torn down walls, shrapnel caused wounds, secrets. Closely watched trains, sham spies, black squares. Panorama. Probably the BEST STORY. Expect the worst, it can only get better!
(Boglárka Debreceni)

Panorama back cover
The Panorama is not a fem-theme, but some of my collegues says the female-vision is felt on it. It's named after a travel guide series, which was published in the socialism.
This was my last komix-cycle that I was written in January, 2011.
In 2010 I won a scholarship. The Móricz-scholarship is for young writers, poets and literaries, under the age of 35. It’ named after a famous hungarian writer, Zsigmond Móricz, who lived in the end of the 19th and the beggining of 20th century. This scholarship founded in the 1970’s and advertised every year. This is a state scholarship but cross-border hungarians can aplly for it, too.
My concept was to travel that Eastern-European and Balkan countries that was under Soviet oppression in the socialism (in the Soviet regime).
We were in 13 counrties in 2010 with my husband in addition to Hungary, so there are 14 cycles on the Panorama. We focused on the capitals.
We were tourists, so I scanned with the eye of a tourist. I examined that how can the past show in the present that how can the private mithology match with the history of the collective mithology.
We travelled to Poland, Slovakia, Bohemia (Czech Republic), Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany and Russia. We spent 3-5 days in each place. To how many time we were on each place was depend on how big or interesting that was.
We were on a round trip which took a month in the summer of 2010, then we travelled by car to the Eastern-European and Balkan region. We flew to those capitals which are further away, like Moscow and Berlin. In these further countries we were just in the capitals.
I had to select, because one year is not a long period, especially if you have a dayjob. That days I worked in a Museum. And I hadn’t got enough money, so the Baltic States and the Commonwealth of Independent States left out of my selection. I just travelled to Russia of the CSI, because Moscow was the centre at that time. I plan that I take a roundtrip with my husband to that region, but I need an off-road car and a lot of money before. :)
The illustrations of the Panorama are different from my other komix’. These are not drawings, but photo-based computer graphics. I made a lot of photography in those cities, we have been to. First I transponed the colour images into black and white, after I printed them. I was drawing onto the pictures, scaned them and finally I shaped them with digital techniques.
This literary work was published int the end of 2013.

Palócföld Books, Salgótarján, 2013
Cover design: Csaba Veréb
Illustrations by Boglárka Debreceni
The author recieved Móricz Zsigmond Literary Scholarship, while she was working on this book.
The publishing of this book was sponsored by the National Cultural Fund.